The Wild Atlantic Way on Ireland’s west coast leads you through one of the world’s most dramatic coastal landscapes, a landscape on the edge of Europe that has shaped the development of its people, communities and settlements, a landscape that has inspired its own particular language, literature, art, song and dance. It’s a place of many natural features including seascapes, sea-life, cliffs, mountains, glens, loughs, trails and pathways. It’s a place to experience nature at its wildest, a place to explore the history of the Gaels and their religion; a place to experience great events, great food and drink, great music and the craic.

Life Shaped by the Atlantic – You can get up close and personal with traditions and spiritual Gaelic Ireland and immerse yourself in the real Ireland where the traditions of the past are very much alive in the music, the song, the dance, storytelling, games and the Irish language.

Where Land Meets Sea – On the very edge of Europe, the ocean’s force has carved a coast of wild, raw beauty. Huge Atlantic rollers crash and churn, shaping jagged ocean crags, islands and the sheer granite of Europe’s tallest sea cliffs. It provides a breath-taking backdrop for active exploration of untamed land and seascapes. Enjoy up close encounters with the elements.

Connectedness – The feeling of connecting to the people and the landscape, of being a part of something ‘bigger’ and reflecting on what is important in your life. Feeling renewed and energised by the place, its people and its story. Your reward from a journey of discovery and being immersed in an ancient landscape.



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