The story of the Skellig Coast starts with its geographical location – at the edge of the world – where the brave and true sought refuge, gained inspiration and replenished themselves to face their next quest. The region’s topography, with its mountains sweeping down to the sea and its most western peak rising out of the Atlantic Ocean as an island unlike any other, creates a stage of striking beauty and a landscape of bold contrasts. The weather rolling in from the ocean is forever changing the light and shade, adding to the poignancy of the Skellig Coast Story and to the enigmatic allure of the region.

This is a story that focuses on a life shaped by the forces of the Atlantic, one that connects visitors from a spiritual, economic, political, geopolitical, or cultural perspective, while at the same time embraces the power of isolation and the deep sense of personal energy and tranquillity that can be derived from the Skellig Coast’s location ‘at the edge of the world’. It is a place that inspires visitors to make a difference, not only for themselves but also for those around them – perhaps gleaned from a gratitude for the gifts of nature or from the inspiring stories passed down through the ages.

The Skellig Coast’s unique story elements of journey, reflection and inspiration come from the building blocks of Ireland’s unique story – its landscape, Irish language and culture. The Skellig Coast’s story is one that is essentially the story of its people, whose lives have been crafted by the benefits, beauty and vulnerabilities of a life shaped by the Atlantic. Fuelled by the spirit of human endeavour and its connections with people from worlds away, these triumphs and struggles live on today in the Irish language, songs, stories and sporting events of its quaint coastal villages.

The Skellig Coast story further unfolds with its intimate relationship with the Atlantic – the synergy of where land meets sea. Despite being located on the edge of the world, the resilience and determination of the people in this landscape over time have embedded a deep awareness, understanding and appreciation of the coast’s geology and marine ecology that locals are just waiting to share with the world.



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