Test your skills against your friends and colleagues in this adrenalin packed session where you will get to experience the excitement of holding and firing a shotgun. This is an ideal activity for friends and family, team building sessions or the perfect “one upman ship” for members of clubs and societies.

Guests are briefed before being issued with a gun and cartridges so you can safely enjoy this thrilling sport. The shooting grounds are located 5 minutes from Quinlan & Cooke, in a secluded tree lined peat bog. 

Each session starts with a detailed safety briefing regardless of ability or experience and is followed by a theory session on how to hold, how to aim and how to fire at a moving target. Once each guest is comfortable and confident to proceed, we then commence the shoot. The trap is set to throw the clays directly away from the gun in a high looping arc. Regarded as one of the easier targets, we have the option to move the gun to increase the level of difficulty to suit individual abilities. Although I am still waiting on the perfect 25 from 25! At the end of the session the guests are shown how to strip and clean a gun and remove all finger prints …. just in case.

The shot guns available, to participants of fourteen years of age and older, are extremely high quality Browning 12 Bore and 20 Bore shotguns.

Enjoy a two-hour clay pigeon shoot and lunch for only €60 per person, try our starter package of 25 clay pigeon shots for €50 per person or our more advanced package of 50 shots for €65 per person (minimum numbers apply for all packages).

For more information or to make a booking call Andrew on 066 9472244 or complete the enquiry form below.



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